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If certain members of the International Pole Dance Fitness Association have their way and pole dancing becomes an official Olympic sport, it won’t be without good reason. The pastime employs the same level of stamina, coordination, and flexibility found in other notable Olympic disciplines.


As a combination of gymnastic movements and dance, pole fitness acts as both an anaerobic and aerobic workout: proficient dancers twist, climb, and glissade around poles, supporting and controlling their own body weight with a seemingly effortless grace.

2017 USPSF National Championships

Jacksonville, Florida

Katrina and Bree- First Place Doubles Elite

Kiera Eckel- First Place Professional Novice

Maren Wyckoff- First Place Amateur Novice

Michelle Jones- Women's Amateur Division Athlete


2016 USPSF Championships

pole winners USPSF


Our teachers and athletes have been recognized as part of the elite pole community, winning recognition as champions in the 2016 USPSF Championship. Each one of our athletes placed in the top three for their respective categories.


Katrina Wyckoff, athlete and coach, and her pole partner, Brianne McClanahan, were placed 2nd in the Mixed Doubles Elite division at the 2016 USPSF Championship and were invited to compete in the IPSAF World Championships in Italy. Other recognition goes to Carly Housechild and Andrea Ang who finished in 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the Women’s Senior Professional division and to Nohelia Chan for placing 3rd in the Master’s 40+ Elite division. We are so proud of our athletes!
imgsvrpaigePaige Olson, 11, and Zoe Blair, 13, placed 1st and 2nd respectively in the Novice Elite division.imgsvrzoe