Meet Our Talented Staff

All of our team members are talented and highly qualified. Each one has undergone specialized training and certifying in order to ensure that our students; as well as our elite competition teams, receive the best and most accurate up to date instruction possible. 


Katrina Wyckoff -

began dancing at age 3 and has never stopped. She trained competitively as a child and then danced at Brigham Young University. Katrina was recruited to dance and coach for a professional dance/cheer team in the German Football League in Saarbrucken, Germany called the Saarbrucken Hurricanes. There she performed for thousands of people on a regular basis and led her team to be recruited for many professional and corporate events around Germany. Upon her return to the United States, Katrina began teaching dance and coaching cheerleading. Katrina taught cheer at Cross Middle School, CDO High School, and Ironwood High School while teaching at Centre Stage Dance Studio. In 2006, Katrina took over Centre Stage Dance Studio and moved into the role as director and entrepreneur. Katrina has opened multiple locations in multiple states, including multiple locations in Tucson. Under her direction, Centre Stage has quadrupled in size and gone on to become a premier and respected pre-professional and competitive training facility. Centre Stage has welcomed literally thousands of dancers/athletes through its doors. These dancers/athletes have gone on to win many awards at competitions (including many national and even world titles), they have danced on the world stage opening for greats such as Tim McGraw or at the opening event of Cars Land at California Adventure, and the studio has won best dance studio in Oro Valley. Katrina's sound leadership mind and dedication to the industry has led her to become a sought after mentor and keynote speaker for studio owner groups, including the Studio Owners' Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Katrina is passionately involved with pole
competition and serves on the committee for the US Pole Sports Federation (USPSF) actively growing the sport and moving it towards its future in the Olympics. Katrina is the organizer of the USPSF Southwest Regional Championships.
Katrina loves to compete in pole and is a world-renowned pole athlete/dancer in her own right. She is proud of her accomplishments as a coach and athlete for TEAM USA, including her current title as FIRST PLACE DOUBLES CHAMPION for USPSF Championships 2017.

Katrina loves helping women acheive their fitness goals and becoming strong - inside and out! Katrina's greatest joy and happiness still stems from seeing each student grow and blossom as they discover their own potential from within.

2014-Present: Owner/Instructor Center Stage Pole Fitness-award winning aerial studio specializing in competition pole for children and adults

2006-Present: Owner/Instructor Centre Stage Dance Studio- award winning youth dance studio specializing in competition dance

2017-Present: Member USPSF Committee

2018: Competitor Level 5 Exotic PSO, San Francisco

2017: Top Ten Doubles Competitor at POSA World Championships, Switzerland for Team USA

2017: Second Place PSO Doubles Seattle

2017: Doubles First Place National Champion USPSF

2017: Coach to National Champions for Novice Professional and Novice Amateur USPSF

2016: Competitor at IPSAF World Championships Florence, Italy

2016: Delegate to TAFISA World Games in Jakarta, Indonesia to represent Pole Sport before the Olympic Committee

2016: Certified as Judge for POSA

2016 Competitor and First Place Team Trophy (Team USA) at IPSF World Championships London, England

2016 Coach to winner and world record breaker Novice athlete IPSF World Championships London, England

2016 Doubles Elite 2nd Place National Champion USA IPSF

2016 Doubles Elite 2nd Place National Champion USPSF, Jacksonville, Florida

2015 Coach to 2nd Place Novice Elite IPSF London, England

2015 Coach to 1st Place Novice Elite USPSF Championships Jacksonville, Florida

2015 Certified Judge for IPSF

Certifications, training, awards: Pole/Aerial Training: Xpert Pole Fitness Levels 1/2, Xpert Pole Fitness Levels 3/4, Xpert Aerial Silks, Xpert Children’s Course, JW Method Pole Fitness. Fitness Training: Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Kids Zumba, Water Aerobics Instructor. Dance Training: American Ballet Theater National Teachers Training, 30 years of classical dance training including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop. 20 years of teaching ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, acro. College dance training at Brigham Young University. Additional: Certified in CPR and First Aid. Valedictorian of CDO High School.


Brianne "Bree" McClanahan -

was born with rhythm in her soul. As a child she trained classically in dance, competed as a pre-olympic gymnast, and headed an award-winning cheer team. Her star studded list of athletic and pole accomplishments is longer then she is tall!
But this feisty female is more then just a fantastic pole instructor.
Bree first came to Centre Stage while attending beauty school. The empowering vibe in the studio reminded her of the reason that she had been drawn to do hair and make help women feel confident and beautiful-a passion close to her heart!
Bree is also a wife and mom to two adorable little boys. When she's not competing in worldwide competitions or choreographing fierce routines, she enjoys spending time at the sand dunes 4 wheeling with her family and watching her boys play little league.
Bree is passionate and talented, and her knack for teaching has successfully taken many beginner students, to professional-level competitors. 
She believes in fostering an inclusive and positive environment, and truly works with each student on their individual goals. As our coach, leader and friend, Bree is a testament to the talent that is fostered here at Centre Stage! 

Michelle Jones -

is one of Centre Stage's MVP's. The day she took the plunge and bought a groupon for 3 pole classes on a whim was a fateful day indeed! This single mom of two started as a beginner and has worked her way up to a professional competitor, a certified pole and aerial silks instructor, and our studio manager! Michelle has been an integral part of growing our Centre Stage family into the large and diversified group it is today!
When she's not working hands-on with her students, she is busy working behind the scenes. Michelle pours her soul into our studio. From developing curriculum to administrative tasks and everything in between, her hard work ethic inspires us all. Michelle is always friendly, motivated, and willing to help anyone out at a moments notice. Her problem solving attitude and sparkling personality are contagious! She is invaluable to our community as a leader, confidante, and friend.


Sarah Samuelson -

A fitness vixen to the core who piloted the pole conditioning arm of our program just after we opened in 2014. Since then, Sarah has jumping jacked, squatted, lunged, and push-uped countless women to their fitness goals. But don't be fooled by the hard work. Think of Sarah as a Sexy Drill Sargent. Her fitness classes are always fun and filled with dancing, music, and laughter. 
Of course, the Sexy Drill Sargent becomes mostly just sexy in her one of a kind "Floor Flow" class, which is always sure to please your softer, smoother side. 
And don't even think about trying to stop this woman. Working closely with her obstetrician, Sarah taught all the way until she delivered her third child. She was even upside down on the pole 2 days before she went into labor! If we were open on Sundays, it would've only been 1 day...
Don't miss your chance to party hard in class with this fitness pushing, floor flowing, furniture flipping, Emergency Nursing, life size Barbie Doll mom of 3--she'll change your world. 

Emily James -


Betsy Sigal-

Betsy takes the idea of pole dance being therapeutic to the next level. As a medical doctor and psychiatrist, this mama of two knows that the key to a great life is taking care of our minds and bodies.
From classical ballet training as a child, to dancing in music videos as a young adult, to serving as a field surgeon in the military, Betsy has dedicated years to studying movement and the human body.
But don't let her long list of prestigious accomplishments fool you-Betsy really knows how to let lose! Once she hangs up her stethoscope and slips on her heels, her high energy, booty-poppin' dancer side emerges! Her classes will have you twerkin' and twistin' your way to a toned body!


Harrison -

is a traveling nomad, who enjoys spending most of his time upside, researching and exploring the limits and connectivity of his own body. He is a graduate of Pomona College in Claremont, CA and has worked as a circus artist for the past 5 years, teaching and performing aerial silks, trapeze, lyra and partner acrobatics. He majored in Theatre and Cognitive Science, with an emphasis on playwriting, musical theatre performance and modern dance choreography, and the ways in which motor expertise changes neural wiring and perception. This past year as a Watson Fellow, he studied dance, theatre, somatic techniques and puppetry across India, Southeast Asia and Europe. He also gained his teaching certifications in Ashtanga and Aerial Yoga as well as Ayurveda Massage. He has performed and taught at circuses in Africa, Europe and South America, as well across the United States.


Victor Nguyen -

fell in love with aerial circus 15 years ago from a picture his jazz teacher showed him, doing a perfect split on the silk. Ever then he’s been hooked. He has also been dancing in conjunction to aerial, including tap, jazz, hip hop and musical theater. He was recently in a show in Seattle that gave him the chance to perform every weekends for the past 8 years. When you take his aerial class, you’re not only learning tricks. You’ll learn good techniques, styles, and how to perform with a story.